Sample Voices


Male Voice #1


Male Voice #2


Male Voice #3


Female Voice #1


Female Voice #2


Female Voice #3


Sample Scripts


Script #1

Thank you for calling the ABC company. For sales, press 1. For technical support, press 2. For billing, press 3.


Script #2

Thank You for calling ABC company. Visit us at to learn more about our
products and services.

If you know the extension of the person or department you are calling please enter it now.
To hear directions to our office and fax number, press 1
To speak with an agent, 2

For all other callers press 0 to speak with a representative

Script #3

Thank you for calling the XYZ corporation. Please listen carefully to the following menu options, as our menu has recently changed. For new customers, press 1. For existing customers placing a new order, press 2. For product support, press 3. For accounts receivable, press 4. For accounts payable, press 5. For sales payable, press 6. To hear contact information and directions to our main facility, press 6. Press 0 if you wish to reach an operator.